Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's a Brides Life.

Its been a bit of stretch since our last post, but I wanted to share with you an exciting event that I attended with some my favorite ladies. My bridesmaid crew and I attended the very huge, very exciting Lubbock Bridal Expo this past Sunday and I had such an amazing time. There were so many vendors there from venues, to cake decorators, to limos, flowers, entertainment...pretty much everything you could imagine under one roof.

It got lots of new ideas flowing through my head, as well as cementing a few I already had. I know I will want a Fall wedding, with lots of rich chocolate browns, deep reds, and bright orange, with hints of fern and ivy green. Im just way too excited about all the possibilities and am trying to find a way to plan all my DIY projects.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the event.

Courtney Roper from the always brilliant Dapple Apple, who just happens to be one of my fabulous bridesmaids and I totally got business minded while we there too, just thinking of all the ways you could incorporate a way for Brides to see us an viable options for their wedding day. Jewelry, and hand knitted lace gloves, soapy bridal favors and grooms \gifts, and all kinds of special details to help others make their days special.

A few days later Justin and I remembered we have some absolutely fabulous vintage Ben Seibel mugs and decided to put a set together for grooms or groomsmen gifts. I was over all pretty happy with the pairing, and it was just in time for our brand new Badger bristle brushes.

Im totally excited about the possibilities for this years spring and bridal season and am already planning on how to make next years even cooler.

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  1. Yea for weddings! I love the colors you are using. Fall weddings are so fun because the colors are so much richer.