Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rew Elliott Style: In The Details : Groomsman Shaving Sets

Rew Elliott Style: In The Details : Groomsman Shaving Sets: Finding the perfect gift for your groom or his groomsman can certainly be a challenge. But I think you'll agree, after a visit to Dirty Deed...

Thanks to Rew Elliot Style for posting about our grooms sets!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Journey Continues

Did you know it takes a lot of effort to buy a building. Lemme tell you, it does. I think its a widely known "secret" that Justin and I have been looking at expanding Dirty Deeds for awhile now at the same time as making an impact in the local art community. I have these grand lofty goals of owning a multi-use space where we can have our boutique/studio space, as well as room for other artists and small business owners. In this space I have ample room for an art gallery for local talent and touring artists. Not so far off is a performance space for live theatre, music and special events.

Sounds great right? I thought so too.

Do you realize there are things such as money, zoning boards, fire marshals, codes, permits, blue prints, designers, builders, quotes, estimates, did I mention money?...needed to pull something off like that? Well yeah, some of those are no brainers, but even then its not simple.

Justin and I have scoured our town and close communities just searching to find that one perfect building that we can invest our life into transforming. Its exciting at times, stressful and above all an adventure.

At some point this will happen, even if it ends up by the time Im 60. Ill be one fabulously happy 60 year old with our dream business/building.

Ill keep everyone posted about our progress, pitfalls, and triumphs to hopefully encourage those who have the entrepreneurial spirit within them.

For now, I leave you with my pinterest, Inspiration board.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Heather & Justin Married {Lubbock Wedding Photographer}

Heather & Justin Married {Lubbock Wedding Photographer}

Dirty Deeds got MARRIED!

Well all this talk and planning, we finally did it. Oct 1, 2011. Ive now been basking in the after glow of bridal bliss and easy peasy family blending. Its pretty cool to have such a great life. Working together with your best friend, raising a family together and planning for the future. Its been a pretty fabulous ride and every day I wake up and thank God for pretty much making my life rock.

Ill also be posting some pretty cool how tos on some of my design aspects for it truly was a handmade wedding. From my centerpieces, decorations, boutineirs and hair was such a great time and I will cherish all the memories spent with family and friends.

Its gonna be a great year.