Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Dirty Goals

A new year is about to begin. I hear lots of people talking about resolutions and promises they are making to themselves on what they want the new year to bring. I figure business can have New Years Resolutions or "Goals" too.

Here is my list for the New Year for Dirty Deeds Soaps...

1. Use our blog. We have had it here for awhile. I want to learn to play with it more, adapt it, design it, utilize it as a way to communicate with other small business's, fans, and just a place to let people know whats going on with us.

2. Definitely want to expand our product line. The goal is to start carrying liquid soaps, sugar/salt scrubs, bathroom and kitchen inspired art/decor. Im pretty excited about this in fact.

3. Bring in some more "business" partners. Id love to incorporate some of my best friends and the most creative people I know, for possible natural mineral make up, and more ceramic offerings such as soap dishes and accessories.

4. Find better ways to communicate with our patrons, fans, and friends.

I think that about sums up our goals for the coming year. Hope you reach your goals, and follow your heart.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas from Dirty Deeds Soaps!

What an amazing holiday season this has been for Dirty Deeds. I cant believe all of the amazing things that have happened to us. If you would have told me back in October when we started this that we would have done all that we had...I would have laughed in your face. No really. I know what its like to help build a business, brand your identity and get people in your door. For years I have worked the non profit sector with Art Galleries, Charitable Groups, and been on the board of a local community theatre. Ive seen both ends so its pretty cool to see us come so far in such a short amount of time and I cant wait to see what the future holds for us.

Awesome Things this Christmas....

Dirty Deeds Soaps was featured on the Front Page of Etsy twice. Once for our Starter Wooden Shave set... as well as our Bridal Shower Favors....I was just ecstatic to see this happen for us, even more so on a personal level. Yes its our business, name, products but its also a photo that someone deemed cool enough to share. The photos themselves have become a creative outlet for me and makes me giddy too see other people using them as well.

The other amazing thing that happened for Dirty Deeds was, well...I have been working with my business partner Justin since the beginning, and we have quickly watched it grow into something amazing, just as we have watched our family grow. We are now officially engaged as of Christmas Eve and are just over flowing with emotions, support and love. I know for a fact I would not be able to do any of this without my life partner, love, and constant source of brainstorming, support, and firm ground. We both bring something to table, and we both help make not only our business but our lives better for knowing one another.

Heres to another great year, and we hope this finds you surrounded by those that love and nourish you. Have a great new years everyone.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to have your own Dirty Deeds

1. Our House. If you are local, call, make an appointment to come over and smell you favorite soaps and take them home with you that day. 806-281-9972

2. Our website. Money Order, Check, or PayPal. Register with our site, fill your cart and we will ship where ever you are (even special international rates)

3. Our Etsy site. If you enjoy shopping on Etsy, go check us out. Money Order, Check or PayPal and we ship as soon as payment is made.

4. Local Fairs and Markets - Periodically you can find us at local art markets, fairs and festivals so you can smell and pick your favorites right there.

5. Lastly, send us an email at We can make arrangements via email to have your order processed and shipped.

Thanks everyone for your support and cant wait to see where this takes us.

P.S. We just shipped our first etsy/out of state order today and it was awesome!

Undirty Uses for Soap

As they say cleanliness is next to Godliness....but did you know that soap can help you do more than wash away "dirty deeds"?

We have looked up some of the most common, unusual, fun, and/or helpful uses for soap. Bet you didn't know you can fish, catch fleas, change a light bulb and deodorize your car with a simple bar of soap.

1. Deodorizer- I have always collected various room spray fragrances and candles to help make my house smell good (most of the time to distract from its disarray :) However many of these products contain a variety of hazardous and unwanted chemicals that we spray into the air. Instead, take soap slivers or entire bars of soap to deodorize your home, car, closet, etc.. Just wrap the soap in an old piece of stocking and place where desired. An instant clean smell, without all the chemicals polluting the air you breathe.

2. Unscrew a broken light bulb - Yep, no more annoying how many "____" does it take to change a light bulb jokes. Anytime you have a broken light bulb that is still screwed in to the socket, just turn off the power and insert the corner of a dry bar of soap into the socket. With a few turns, the bulb will unscrew.

3. Lubricant - Soap can help cantankerous drawers, windows, hinges, or screws. Rub a bar of soap on your drawer glides and the bottoms of the sides to ease sticky drawers. For windows, rub the soap on the sliding elements. If you have a project and the screws are a little hard to get in, try rubbing the tips with soap to make them easier to screw in.

4. Flea Trap - Keep your pets, get rid of the feas. Mix a little soap into a bowl of water. Place the bowl under a dim light before you go to bed. You will find the dead fleas floating when you wake up. Much less toxic and expensive than flea spray or powder.

5. Pin Cushion - Love this one, useful and keeps your sewingsewiing area smelling great. Wrap a bar of soap in a bit of cloth and use it as a pincushion. Again, the soap will act as a lubricant, making them easier to insert into fabric.

6. Loosen Stuck Zippers - Just rub a little down your zipper and it will get it moving again.

7. Mark a Hem - Another sewing helpmate, if you run out of chalk just use a sliver or bar of soap make your lines and then they wash right out.

8. Soot prevention - If you’re planning a cook out using a cast iron pot, rub a bar of soap over the bottom of the pot before you set it over the open flame. The soap will make for easy cleanup, as the soap will prevent the soot from accumulating.

9. Pest Repellant -A bar of strong smelling soap, like Irish Spring, will keep deer, raccoon, possums, etc.. out of the garden. They absolutely hate the smell of Irish Spring soap

10. Dirty fingernail prevention - Before you do your next gardening project, scrape your fingernails over a bar of soap. The resulting soap accumulation will keep dirt from getting under your fingernails and will wash away at clean up.

11. Bug bites - Rub the bites with a dampened bar of soap for instant itch relief. It also helps keep the bites clean.

12. Fish Bait - For example, Ivory soap can be used as fish bait. You boil it down and allow it to sit and re-harden. This is just to prevent it from crumbling when you put it on the hook. If you are careful and gentle, you can just cut a chunk of the bar and ease it onto the hook. This is a technique used for years. I just recently saw an episode of Hooked on the Discovery channel where tribes were still predominantly using soap to fish for catfish.


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Friday, October 15, 2010

A Dirty Deed Day

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Well here we are. Our own little blog on the intraweb and a new store that is treating us well. We opened a little over a month ago, while taking about 3-4 months learning, preparing, and getting our soaps ready for the outside world.

Here we plan on posting photos, updates, words of wisdom, words that have a little less wisdom, and just plain fun about crafting, soaping, art, markets, and having an indie business.

We hope you enjoy learning more about us and feel free to comment and talk about your own experience in living and loving your art.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dirty Blog

Dirty Deeds Soaps & Bath Accessories Blog is now open!