Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Art of the Manly Shave

Well you knew it was coming. Our Manly Shave sets are one of our most popular products. So its high time we share a bit about why we think its been such a hit, and why you should be shaving like James Bond.

There is a huge arsenal of reasons why men should be using the Classic Wet Shave, least of which is that its just plain cool.

1. Economics. Lets start right here, because money is always at the forefront of most decisions. especially when we are dealing with things we need to be able to use on a daily basis. For a minimal start up, a mug/dish, a starter boar brush, shave soap and safety razor...you can have the beginnings of something that will last your entire life. Soaps can cost anywhere from 4-7 bucks and can last the equivalent of about 3 cans of shave foam. Replacement blades for your safety razor can be purchased at most drug stores or grocery stores, because they are simply double sided razors. You can find packs of 10 for about $4.95 making them only .45 a piece. You can imagine our shock after Justin has been purchasing decent replacement blades for a lot more than that for something similar to the Gillete, or Turbo Fusion Mach 9 something or another.

It just made financial sense for us.

2. Handsome face. Who doesn't like a good, handsome face. I know I personally do. Im all about good skin, smooth, and soft. It definitely helps when your getting in close. Handmade shave soaps are specifically designed to be better for your skin. They dont have harsh detergents, additives, preservatives that dry out and cause skin irritation. They are simply loaded with natural moisturizers like shea butter, oils, and clay to help the razor glide across the skin. Not to mention they smell so much more incredible than anything that could come in a can.

3. Good for the Planet. So maybe this isnt on the forefront of your mind while you are trimming your manly quoffe. Thats ok, but I tell you, its just one of those added bonus's you get to tag on while you are getting the best shave a man can get. Traditional wet shaving uses less waste than shaving with cartridge razors. All you are throwing away is one double sided razor, and the lather that is going down the sink. Unlike today’s razor cartridges, a double edged blade can also easily be recycled. Not to mention it just looks cooler on your sink than a can.

4. You get to be a badass. Classic wet shaving just makes you feel manly. There is no other way around it. From your great grandfather, presidents, assassins, Steve McQueen's, and every other cooler than most men...you will feel awesome using the tools of the trade to maximize your testosterone.


  1. My grandpa always had one of these cups and a brush like that! Very nostalgic.

  2. Heather, I just sent you a message about the Universal Life Fair, coming to Lubbock in August. I think it would be a kick to have a demo of this product there. That seems like it would sell a lot of shaving kits too! That would be so cool, please say you want to do it!